Past Events

Bettering Our Community

Cast High School Medical Camp Day

March 6th, 2024

BRIO hosted 37 students for Medical Camp Day at the Ridgewood Orthopedic Building.  The medical camp was designed to allow seniors in high school to view the different sections in our organization. Students went to different stations in physical therapy, medical assistant, surgical tech, MRI, X-ray, NP/PA provider, nursing and administration.  After the tour, some students were able to make decisions on the future of their career based on what they saw.  Students had many questions after the tour so we provided them with lunch and a feedback session to answer their questions.

Cast Med High HEB Camp

February 28 – March 1, 2024

BRIO provided Wilderness Medical Training to 140 students at the HEB Foundation Camp in Leakey, Texas.  Students from grades 09-11 gathered to get medical training on injuries in the wilderness.  Topics discussed were shock, bleeding, snakebites, hypo/hyperthermia, splinting and moving injured patients.  During downtimes, BRIO provided support preparing meals, chaperoning and cleaning.  The event lasted three days and students enjoyed the lessons learned.

Boys and Girls Club Flag Football Event

February 10th, 2024

BRIO supported the annual flag football tournament for Big Brothers & Big Sisters of San Antonio.  BRIO provided medical coverage for 200 littles and their big brothers and sisters.  The event was a huge success and was highlighted on KENS 5 television.

Kirby Senior Center

December 14th, 2023

BRIO organized an educational session and exercise class for a group of 25 seniors. Two therapists and two therapy technicians from TSAOG attended to assist seniors with posture and mobility concerns. They led a 30-minute exercise session aimed at helping seniors rise from a seated position and improving range of motion in various parts of their bodies.

Senior Citizen Health Fair

October 10th, 2023

This event is designed for seniors to gather insights on numerous topics, including assisted living, medical benefits, and education. BRIO offered valuable information on the advantages of chiropractic care, exercise, and managing arthritis. A physician and two therapists from TSAOG were on hand to assist more than 200 seniors who participated.