BRIO offers a wide range of services to conduct a variety of studies, including pre-market drug, device, and biologics trials, as well as outcomes research through our collection of patient reported outcomes using the robust Surgical Outcomes System (SOS). BRIO offers on-site advanced imaging, using ultrasound, digital radiography, CT, and MRI equipment.

Additionally, BRIO will be able to store products and samples in -20C and -80C freezers that both have digital temperature logos.

List of Services:

Study Design and Protocol Development

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Submission

Data Management

Queries (Athenahealth, Surgical Outcomes System)

Case Report Form Design, Database Design, Data Entry

Advanced Statistical Analysis and Sample Size Estimates

Presentation Support (Abstracts, PowerPoint Presentations, Posters, Technique Videos, Technical Displays)

Publication Preparation Support

Medical Writing and Editing Support

Online Submissions/Tracking

Multi-center Research Collaboration

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BRIO physicians have over a hundred published articles in the past three years, two dozen international and national presentations, and host several symposia annually.


Partners & Sponsors

Partners & Sponsors

BRIO works with several educational institutions in San Antonio as well as Houston. It also has relationships with area military bases to assist in training their health care professionals.